Based on recent studies stemming from New York Law agencies, social services, religious groups and government research. Is that when young men have a safe and productive place to go,there is a substantial decrease in crime related activities with in urban communities.

We saw the need for a project which provides young teens and young adults a positive alternative  to criminal action gangs,drugs,truancy, drop out and other street violence. Harlem Transformation Project began to provide a Healing Balm to  address this need in the community of Harlem and the Harlem’s and  inner cities of the world.

1). We use the modality of  Therapeutic group work and Individual counseling.

2). Indirect engagement with street encounters to deescalate violent outcomes.

3). Sports and Games. Specifically Boxing  and Chess

Our volunteer staff which consists of professionals in athletics, education,social and human services and religious professionals realize the importance of our mission, We also cultivate our youth in the area of citizenship and develop a positive sense of community participation.

Our vision and goals with our youth they learn to confront their personal fears and engage in honest and extensive self-evaluation,  They learn attributes such as stamina, courage desire and the  endurance to outlast adversity. The powerful thing about  the project is that once these lessons are learned,they serve as a frame of reference for their everyday lives, and in their futures. for many the project has given hope where it did not exist and provide a new blueprint for a positive future they didn’t existed.



“We better ourselves and others physically, mentally and spiritually, This affects all people  we have contact with. Eventually we affect the world. This we call TRANSFORMATION” Akil Rose



Belief in the higher potential in all people and situations

The development of self: Mind-Body-Spirit-Material

The self, family and community: Love- Responsibility-Empowerment and leadership


We use support group therapy, community service, sports, games to transform lives to their highest potential. Stop Youth Violence

Company Overview

The four Corners of our Foundation:
1) HARLEM TRANSFORMATION PROJECT uses the tools of support group therapy, community service, sports and games a viable tool t See More

General Information

Humble Servant and Founder: Akil Rose
New York, New York


2013: 1st Harlem Hip Hop Peace Parade & Concert awarded Citation by City Councilwomen Inez Dinkens.
2013: Harlem Youth Empowerment Fair. Awarded Citation by Councilwomen Inez Dinkens.
2012: Harlem Transformation Project’s Play 4 Peace: Sidewalk Games & Sports
2011: Harlem Fathers Day Parade & Men of Color March awarded Congressional the Citation of Congressman Charles Rangel.
2010: Harlem Transformation Project’s Play 4 Peace: Sidewalk Games & Sports awarded Citation of Councilwomen Inez Dinkens
2010: Play 4 Peace: Sidewalk Games & Sports awarded Citation by Assemblyman Keith Wright. .

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