Harlem Fathers Day Parade


The Harlem Fathers Day Parade was started in 2011 as a response to the ever growing need for men of the Village of Harlem to address the issues of fatherless children and families, youth on youth violence, health issues mental and physical, joblessness and mass incarcerations and other social ills that affect our community.
We recognize the fact that most of our community is not only exceptionally functional but unique and even genius in its people, culture and traditions that overflow from the Village of Harlem.
We therefore address what is wrong but celebrate that what is good in our community.
This year we will continue the tradition of feeding the participants in the parade, but we will extend this blessing on to the community as well. We believe this token expression of giving food to our neighbors and visitors will begin to create other positive actions from the men in our community.
We focus not only on Fathers but on all Men assisting our community. We believe that “All men have a Fatherly responsibility to the communities they reside in”
We ask that you participate in our Parade, music and eating with those who are there of the community in Harlem on July 27th. Also any way that you assist is welcomed, If are able (cooked/uncooked food, or other). Your business, person or organization will be recognized to the community as a willing helper in the feeding and betterment of the Village of Harlem.